Vitamins can help in surprising ways, fitness expert says

Vitamins can help in surprising ways, fitness expert says

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Vitamins can help in surprising ways, fitness expert says

A national fitness expert says vitamin supplements can be helpful, even when you do not expect them to be. People commonly rely on vitamins to help them through chaotic, fast-paced periods in their lives (such as a switch in shifts on the job), but the expert says the stress that vitamins can help is not always obvious. Even in peaceful surroundings, you can find yourself coping with stress that, say, vitamin B can help alleviate. If you enjoy this article, you may also be interested in an article entitled ''Vitamins are deadly! ...and other nonsense you will hear in the mainstream press.''- Staff writersNews summary:


More nutrients are needed for a fast-paced chaotic life, when one is changing jobs, or switching from day-shift to night-shift, compared to a quiet, well-paced, stable lifestyle.For example, Vijay found taking vitamin B-complex during his fast stopped him from feeling weak and disoriented, while Lily found calcium pills helped when her leg-muscles felt cramped and achy.The handy multivitamin: If you are prejudiced about pills, make peace with them temporarily.Simultaneously, be open to healthy foods and a good diet-plan from a nutritionist.Remember that supplements are not long-term substitutes for a diet replete with vegetables and fruits.That''s because they are often viewed as `clinical foods'', `antiseptic'' and, hence, tasteless or even distasteful.Pumpkin, radish, cucumber, cauliflower, carrots, French beans, tomatoes, onions, or pineapple taste great in even the most traditional recipes.In practical terms, the important advantage of having vegetables and fruits over vitamin and mineral pills is that their fibre-content also rids you of constipation.

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