Chewable Multi Vitamin

Chewable Multi Vitamin

changes take place in our bodies between birth and early adulthood.

Muscles strengthen, bones lengthen, height may more than triple

need to meet their energy and nutritional requirements varies according

to size, weight, gender and level of activity. Their appetites tend

to fluctuate according to whether they are going through a period

of slow or rapid growth and they can become very faddy.

advertising of food processors, combined with peer pressure, can

play havoc with the nutritional intake of children of all ages.

Few parents have the dietary knowledge to be able to supplement

the diets of aspiring vegetarians or committed crisp-only eaters.

Ultimately, health and development can be hindered.

than boys and have their peak requirements for nutrients approximately

two years earlier, to coincide with this growth spurt.

of puberty, adolescents have an increased need for all

nutrients, especially calories and protein for a strong and healthy

is especially important at all ages. Exercise and protein, together

with calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D, are required for the formation

teens, their eating patterns change completely. Usually, teenagers

develop voracious appetites to match their needs for extra energy,

which they tend to satisfy by eating snacks ''on the run'', rather

than sitting down to family meals.

lunches from the school canteen but, even if you are able to pack

them balanced snacks or lunches, you can only hope that they eat

provide healthy foods but students often choose foods such as chips,

chocolate, burgers and fizzy drinks. While hamburgers and chips

protein and some vitamins, they are generally low in vitamin A and

minimal amounts of vitamin C and calcium. Many fast foods are also

saturated fats - hence the many reports surfacing on the beginnings

of coronary heart disease in teenage children..

Orachel for Kids is a chewable,

naturally flavoured formulation of selected vitamins, minerals

and nutrients specifically balanced for children. It is also a source

of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support their

They often do not get enough

of these vital nutrients in their diets to support the heavy demands

of these growing years. Antioxidant researchers believe that antioxidants

such as beta carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E can help

meeting their nutritional requirements, you may need to

supplement their diet with essential vitamins and minerals.

Orachel for Kids has been developed as a chewable

daily dose of essential vitamins, minerals

and antioxidants especially designed for your growing child and

1 - 3 years half a tablet per day

4 - 7 years one tablet per day

8 - 12 years two tablets per day

Tablet may also be crushed and mixed

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