chemistry services - chemistry discovery drug lead screening services

chemistry services - chemistry discovery drug lead screening services

www.argentadiscovery.comArgenta Discovery - integrated drug discovery serviceswww.biofocus.comBioFocus plc - A Galapagos Company -Collaborative Drug Discovery...www.cerep.frCerep provides services in pharmacology, biology, and chemistrywww.discoverypartners.comDrug Discovery: Combinatorial Chemistry & Biology Services...www.mdli.comElsevier MDL Homewww.modernlab.comModern Laboratory Serviceswww.accelrys.comAccelrys: Services equipment repair, diagnostics, servicing and preventative...www.drugdiscoveryonline.comDrug Discovery Online: Digital Marketplace for the drug...

Argenta Discovery - integrated drug discovery serviceswww.argentadiscovery.comArgenta Discovery applies integrated medicinal chemistry, biology, ADMET and CADD expertise to drive drug discovery programmes, with in-house programmes focusing on respiratory disease.

BioFocus plc - A Galapagos Company -Collaborative Drug Discovery...www.biofocus.comWith a team of over 150 staff, BioFocus offers fully integrated, multidisciplinary chemistry and biology expertise for pre-clinical drug discovery. These skills, combined with proprietary assay and design technologies provide accelerated partnered programmes for novel lead discovery

Cerep provides services in pharmacology, biology, and chemistrywww.cerep.frCerep provides services in pharmacology, in molecular biology and lead development, in toxicology, metabolism and bio-availability, in combinatorial and computational chemistry, HTS, HTP, HTLD.

Drug Discovery: Combinatorial Chemistry & Biology Services...www.discoverypartners.comDrug Discovery services from Discovery Partners, Inc. provide lead discovery, design, synthesis, and screening to identify optimum new drug candidates. Integrated biology services, combinatorial chemistry services, compound storage, management, and library development offer leading edge research development for new drug identification. Using state of the art technology for compound screening, storage, and data analysis, our three integrated drug discovery units have made Discovery Partners (NASQ: DPII) the industry''s preferred partner for drug discovery research and lead generation.

Elsevier MDL Homewww.mdli.comMDL is the pioneering leader in discovery informatics for the life sciences and chemistry. We provide software, content, and services.

Modern Laboratory Serviceswww.modernlab.comModern Laboratory Services distributes ANALYZERS for Chemistry, Hematology, Immunoassay, and all other Clinical Laboratory Specialties; REAGENTS for all of your laboratory needs; TEST KITS for Rapid Diagnostic Testing. We distribute for over 60 major manufacturers.

Accelrys: Services Overviewwww.accelrys.comAccelrys has a proven record of technology firsts and leading software solutions across genomics, biology, chemistry and materials science

Medical equipment repair, diagnostics, servicing and Technical Services specializes in medical equipment repair and provides technical equipment service support to the UK National Health Service and private companies within the industrial, medical and diagnostics fields throughout the UK and Europe.

Drug Discovery Online: Digital Marketplace for the drug...www.drugdiscoveryonline.comResource for professionals in the drug development industry- Information on drug discovery and early-stage drug development, discovery technology and more

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