The Green Smoothie Bible

The Green Smoothie Bible

The Green Smoothie Bible.

If you have spent any time chasing Diet Plans,I am sure you would have come across “Green Smoothies”.
If you are considering giving this kind of Diet Plan a try then I would recommend you check out “The Green Smoothie Bible”

This green smoothie recipe book, contains 300 recipes for Ultra-Nutritious Drinks intended to help you Boost Energy, Feel Great, and Lose Weight. The recipes are organized into categories by Seasons as well as categories based on your individual needs or desires, such as the sections titled “Fertility and Maternal Health” or “Weight Loss”. There are also categories that are titled based on flavor, such as the section titled “Savory”, and the sections titled “Banana-less Green Smoothies” and “Fructose-Friendly Smoothies” separate out smoothies based on the foods within the drink. This makes this green smoothie recipe book particularly easy to navigate when searching for a drink based on the desired results of drinking it. The added bonus is that these recipes are delicious.

In addition to the easy to navigate and convenient categorization of the recipes themselves, this green smoothie recipe book has introductory sections that discuss important information related to making and drinking green smoothies. The first Chapter “What are Green Smoothies?” goes so far as to break down the term and explain to the reader what makes a smoothie ‘green’ to begin with. The second chapter “What’s the Big Deal about Greens?” discusses why the concept of green foods has become such a popular notion. The following chapters touch on other myths, misconceptions and facts the reader should be privy to before delving into fully into this green smoothie recipe book. The author, Kristine Miles, is making this book truly invaluable to someone that is new to the concept of green foods and smoothies that might have some questions regarding the uses of things like raw foods, proteins, and carbs.

In short, The Green Smoothie Bible is a great green smoothie recipe book for both those that are new to the concept of green foods and beverages and those that are familiar with the notion. It doesn’t only have a large collection of delicious and well-sorted recipes, but also a wide array of useful green foods and general nutritional information. This is recommended to anyone looking for a good Green Smoothie Recipe Book.

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Green Smoothies: The Ultimate Green Smoothies Detox Diet With 50+ Easy & Delicious Recipes.

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