Generalized Anxiety Disorder - Symptoms and Treatments Logan Health Centers

Generalized Anxiety Disorder - Symptoms and Treatments  Logan Health Centers

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Generalized Anxiety Disorder Symptoms and Treatments

To understand generalized anxiety disorder it is important to have a general understanding of anxiety disorders overall and what they mean to a person who suffers from this type of mental illness.

Anxiety Disorders are widespread. If you have recently been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder dont feel bad, everyone has experienced some type of anxiety in their life. Exams, job interviews or giving an important presentation at work can cause a high levels of stress and can lead to anxiety, however experiencing feelings of excessive fear, distress and feeling overwhelmed for no obvious reason in normal situations often; you need to see your doctor for a formal diagnosis.

In more persistent cases it can be damaging for sufferers and restrict them from enjoying life. If effective treatment is not sought, these disorders can significantly decrease an individuals productive activity and drastically reduce a persons ability to lead a fulfilling and satisfying life.

Anxiety disorders are very common and anxiety is one of the most reported mental illnesses across the world. Statistics indicate that up to forty million people suffer from it annually in America alone.

Brief overview of most common types of anxiety disorders:

Sufferers describe this as frightening, experience panic attacks, without warning they experience feelings of extreme fear that can happen at any time. Sufferers can experience tightness in the chest, difficulty breathing, increased rapid heart rate, disorientation, stomach cramps, and irrational thoughts and may believe that they are dying.

Experiences of repetitive and uncontrollable actions or thoughts that irrational. They experience a lack of a satisfaction in performing tasks, completing that task over and over again. Sufferers have explained a more ritual like existence, which they need to complete all tasks on time and in a specific order or something bad might happen.

Usually occurs after experiencing a traumatic event or series of events. This may include natural disasters, serving in the military, sexual assault or being abused as a child. A lack of control of a situation is a main factor. Common symptoms include difficulty sleeping and nightmares, flashbacks, lack of emotion, anger and irritability, depression and easily being started.

Irrational fears when confronted with an item or situation. The item or situation does seem to have any significant risk or pose any real danger to others. Imagined consequences build in the individuals mind to a point where they may avoid that activity or item completely and this then place limits their daily lives.

Excessive concerns about day to day life and irrational levels of fear when completing normal tasks. They are reported to be negative in their thinking and almost always expect the the worst case scenario even though there is no evidence to expect it. Physically symptoms may include feeling over tired, trembling or shaking, stomach cramps or nausea, headaches, muscular tightness and pain.

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