The Fitness Store A Special Report

The Fitness Store  A Special Report

The bad news about health in America

Americans have the poorest health in the industrial world: In 1980 we ranked 11th in the world for longevity. Despite spending more per capita on health care than any other country in the world, we rank 42nd for longevity today.

We are more overweight than ever before: According to the federal government, 34% of Americans are obese and 32% are overweight. The numbers have been increasing steadily since 1988. Being overweight raises the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and other conditions in adults and children.

Stress is destroying our lives: 43% of all adults have experienced adverse health from stress in the forms of anxiety disorder, depression and illness. A shocking 50% of all deaths are stress related for adults under 65.

One in ten adults have signs they are in poor health: Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and being overweight all contribute to heart disease and are rising at an alarming rate.

Heart disease - America’s #1 killer: Over 25 million adults are currently diagnosed with some type of heart disease and more than 654,000 people die each year due to heart disease!

Cancer is on the rise too: You have a 50/50 chance of being diagnosed with some form of cancer in your lifetime. Over 16 million adults are currently diagnosed with cancer. 550,000 people died from cancer in 2004 and it is getting worse.

Exercise is critical to maintaining good health for many reasons...

Improve your mental health: Research suggests that 10-15 minutes of exercise a day improves mental health including depression and anxiety. In one study after just 16 weeks of exercise, 60% of patients were no loner considered depressed.

Sleep better every night: Exercise reduces the levels of the stress hormone cortisol so you sleep better. Other positive efects include reduced levels of sadness, irritability, stress, fatigue, anger, self-doubt and hopelessness.

Control or eliminate diabetes: Physical activity burns more calories and helps reduce weight. It lowers your blood glucose levels and improves your body''s ability to handle insulin.

Lower cholesterol: Increase good cholesterol (HDL) while reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. Research shows the more you exercise the more your cholesterol improves.

Lower your blood pressure: Exercise reduces your blood pressure 5-10 points. For some, that can reduce or eliminate the need for medication.

Protect your heart: Regular physical activity increases blood flow to the heart, strengthens the heart muscle and reduces fatal heart disease by 25%. If you have already been diagnosed with heart disease exercise can slow down the disease and in some cases, restore the heart to normal functions.

Reduce your chances of cancer: Women who exercise 3 hours a week reduce their chances of breast cancer by 30%; increase their exercise by one more hour and it reduces their chances by 60%! Men see similar results with other types of cancer.

Easier Pregnancy: Exercise alleviates many of the problems common to pregnancy. That includes poor circulation, frequent constipation, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, cramps, back pain and irregular mood swings. Fit mothers also experience shorter labor, fewer medical interventions and less exhaustion.

Live longer: All death from disease is reduced by 50% if you exercise 2 miles a day!

For maximum impact seek a balanced Fitness workout

Why balanced Ftness: Cardiovascular, resistance and Flexibility training are critical for balanced Fitness. Without balance you risk a higher potential for injury and a decrease in performance and results. For example, many people trying to lose weight focus on cardiovascular training not realizing that resistance training will increase the body''s ability to burn calories as much as 30% more for up to four times longer.

Everyone needs cardiovascular exercise: Aerobic exercise is the cornerstone of a weight management program and strengthens increases energy levels, endurance and your ability to concentrate for longer periods of time.

Resistance training is crucial: Resistance training decreases your risk of injury for any activity, and increases your calorie burning capabilities, bone strength and sports performance.

Flexibility is key: Improving fiexibility helps prevent injury in any sport or recreational activity while reducing muscle pain and tightness. As we grow older we lose Flexibility which prevents us from enjoying the activities we love.

•What part will your home Fitness equipment play in your overall Fitness program?•How much time will you be spending on your home equipment? What type of equipment works best with your body and training needs?•How much Floor space can you dedicate to Fitness equipment? What type of equipment do you need to support a balanced Fittness program at home?

Picking the right equipment for a balanced workout

The kings of aerobic exercise: Look for equipment that is weight bearing and low impact. They give you the best overall workout while making it easier to reach and control your target heart rate. No matter your level of fitness, the best two pieces of equipment are the elliptical cross trainer and the treadmill. Studies show that the elliptical cross trainer feels like less exertion when it actually give you a harder workout than its counterparts.

What to look for in an elliptical cross trainer:•The stride should feel comfortable and stable. You should be able to adjust the cross ramp incline to work different muscle groups while maintaining your target heart rate.•Your heel should never come off or bounce during the entire movement.What to look for in a treadmill:•Look for some type of impact control to help cushion the blow when you start your stride.•It should mimic your natural stride and rhythm by slowing down when your foot lands and speeding up when you push off.What about resistance training equipment?

•Look for equipment that uses “functional resistance training,” a type of training that includes a range of total body activities building strength, balance and coordination for optimal fitness and performance.•The best equipment will let you define and make unrestricted movement with enough resistance to emulate daily activities.•Functional training equipment makes it easier to create a lean, tight body in less time than traditional resistance equipment.Criteria for finding the best functional training equipment:•Offers a wide selection of different exercises and positions•Works all the different major muscle groups•Includes the independent weight racksSelect the right stretching aid by making sure it:•Uses the eight basic stretches that target the major muscle groups•Stretches your muscles correctlyWhat else to look for?•Does it feel and move naturally the way the body moves? If not you•risk damage to your body!•Does it monitor and track your heart rate?•Is it sturdy, stable and have safety controls?•Is there a weight limit?•Do they use the same quality and technology for home and gym models?•Does it have a lifetime warranty on the frame and 10 years on all moving parts?•What is their replacement policy? Get a personal trainer: Having a good, certified, personal trainer is critical. They can personalize your training to help you accomplish your Fitness goals faster while keeping you motivated.

Get a personal trainer:Having a good, certified, personal trainer is critical. They can personalize your training to help you accomplish your Fitness goals faster while keeping you motivated.

The Fitness Group The finest insights and equipment today to live longer and healthier!

•We formed our retail environments with one major thought in mind: To provide the finest education and equipment in the fitness market today.

•Many of our onsite fitness consultants are certified personal trainers.

•We help you evaluate the equipment that is right for you so fitness becomes a lifestyle, not a chore.

•We train you and your loved ones how to use the equipment in a way that is best for each of you.

•We have the most up-to-date information today on health and fitness and all our onsite counsel is at no cost to you.

•Come workout with us. You can get a serious understanding of this equipment and how it works for you.

•Our weekly fitness workshops, seminars, webinars and newsletters keep you informed and on track.

The Fitness Group will help you acheive your wellness goals faster, better and smarter than anyone... we guarantee it.

For more information contact us at 800-880-4378 or visit us online at: www.TheFitnessStore.usDownload this brochure in PDF format here

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