where do you draw your inspiration from?

where do you draw your inspiration from?

When it comes to health and fitness, comparing yourself with others is never going to be helpful, as there will always be someone fitter, healthier or stronger, who can runner faster, cycle further and have better diet discipline. Sometimes it feels like no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get to their level, and from experience this can be detrimental to your own health and fitness journey. The solution? Don’t compare yourself to anyone! They call it a journey for a reason, and it’s YOUR journey, no one else’s.

While I was participating in the “FOXY” challenge at the gym earlier in the year, I said to my personal trainer that I wish I could be like one of the other participants, who would power through all the classes with fiery determination, while I was in the corner struggling to stand up! She hit me right between the eyes with a reality check. She simply said, ‘but you’re not her’. And she’s right (obviously 😉), we have different body composition, she was small and stocky and hardy, and I’m tall, a bit of a lightweight and prone to fainting. She also went to the gym twice as often, and was achieving results commensurate with her effort. So Amber told me to focus on what I was doing, I could now run 5kms, and lost 31.5cm off my body through-out the challenge.

My mindset changed, I vowed I wouldn’t compare myself to others, instead I would inspire myself.

climb your own mountain!

Inspiration can be a wonderful motivator to help achieve those health and fitness goals. I’ve been thinking about this, and my favourite places to draw inspiration from are the world around me; sunshine, the beautiful place where I live, friends who are achieving their goals, yummy healthy food blogs and inspirational quotes. It also helps that my partner has similar health and fitness goals. I also have a specific “list” on my twitter page where I follow only healthy, motivated and happy news feeds, like those from @fernwoodfitness and @mishbridges. When I’m feeling flat or unmotivated, I’m going to use this list to remind me of my goals and to get back out there!

What will you use? Will it be your kids, your partner, a dress you want to fit into or an event you’ve got coming up? Have a think, visit healthy fun blogs or sit outside in nature; I’m sure you’ll find your inspiration.

And remember each morning, that whatever has happened, has happened; today is an opportunity to start afresh and create happiness and success.

Merissa x