BSP-Healthcare - The Objectives

BSP-Healthcare - The Objectives

This project aims at facilitating compliance of the new member states and candidate countries of the European Union with the EU legislation in the healthcare industry through exchange and share of knowledge between all partners - for a mutual benefit.

The advantage of this project is that all partners will bring their experience and expertise towards the new acceeding countries from different perspectives: newly acceeded and old EU member states. BRO''s in Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and Turkey will be trained on the Community Acquis and how to deal with the implementation. These BRO''s will be also trained on how to improve their member services in order to strengthen their performance.

By working together, there will be established a Partner Network which could be used for further common activities in the future.

The objectives of our project at a glance:

Transfer of Know-How and Knowledge on the Community Acquis

Increase the knowledge of Business Associations in understanding and communicating the EU Acquis

Improve the flow of information between Business Associations in the healthcare industry

Establish a network and and a long-lasting partnership between the Business Associations in the healthcare industry

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