517 N. Jackson Magnolia, AR 71753 Call (870) 234-8800 for Chiropractic & Clinical Nutrition.

517 N. Jackson Magnolia, AR 71753 Call (870) 234-8800 for Chiropractic & Clinical Nutrition.

Bring in your blood test results for a FREE wellness evaluation & 2nd opinion!

(Don''t have a recent blood test? Contact us to see what in-depth tests may be needed.)

Your evaluation will include a comparison between the clinical ranges and healthy ranges of your test results and a review of the symptoms you are experiencing to ensure that the proper testing was done.

After your free evaluation we will explain our complete nutrition program based on your individual tests results, and how we can provide you with:

• Detailed analysis of your symptoms, and what drugs may be causing them

• Individualized supplement recommendations & dosages specific to your blood test results, age, sex, & weight

• Multiple factors for each condition or diagnosis including your symptoms, medications, blood tests and hair tests

Warning! Was your last blood test compared to "Normal" ranges or "Healthy" ranges? Read below why this is so important!

If you are within the "Normal Range" you will most likely be told you are normal, which can be confused with being healthy. It does not necessarily mean you are healthy, as many people incorrectly believe.

Why not? The problem lies in how Normal Ranges are determined.

Normal Ranges are determined by taking approximately 100 to 200 people who tested recently with a particular lab (yes, they are determined by each individual lab and not a centralized agency). These results are then averaged – this is the middle of the Normal Range. The high and low sides of the Normal Range will be two standard deviations from the average.

Unfortunately, most of the people’s results used in these calculations are flawed because they were having blood tests run in the first place because they already had a health problem!

Does it make sense to compare your blood test results to averages taken from people who were already experiencing a symptom? No. That is why being "normal" is not good enough! Normal blood test scores simply mean you are not yet as sick as the other people used to determine the normal range.

Bring in your test results and we will compare them to healthy ranges, and give you a better picture of your true health status.