2011 October National Health Insurance

2011  October National Health Insurance

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Disability Insurance for Doctors – How to Choose

If you, as a physician, have shopped for disability insurance for doctors, you have probably been made aware of the key elements you should look for in a policy.  If you have spoken with an agent or broker who fully understands your needs, he/she has most probably presented you with quotes from several companies and emphasized these policy features:

The policy should be non-cancellable and guaranteed renewable for the length of the policy (typically to age 65).  Make sure your policy has language that includes both.  If a policy is only guaranteed renewable, the insurance company can raise your premiums in the future.

The definition of Total Disability should be a true Own-Occupation definition.  This means that if, due to illness or injury,  you cant perform the usual and customary duties of your occupation (specialty-specific in some policies), you will be considered totally disabled, even if you choose to work in another occupation (or specialty).

The policy should have a strong Residual benefit, which will pay a partial benefit if your disability isnt total, but results in lost income due to you not being able to work full time or perform all the tasks of occupation.

The policy should also have a Recovery benefit which, like the Residual benefit, would pay you a partial benefit based on the percentage of income you have lost due to disability, even if you are able to work full time and perform all the duties of your occupation.

The benefits in the policy should keep up with inflation, if you are disabled.  Some policies offer a Cost of Living rider which adjusts the benefit on an annual basis, based either on a fixed percentage or tied to Consumer Price Index.  Look for compounded increase, rather than fixed.

While there are other benefits and riders available in disability insurance for doctors, the above are the main points to look for in a policy.  When a physician requests disability insurance quotes from our company, we provide quotes from multiple companies and show them together on our Comparison of Benefits, which allows you to compare these benefits offered by each company in an easy to read format.

If you would like a quote, please click the Get Disability Quotes on the top or bottom of this page.

Romney health care law helps illegal immigrants on insurance, LA Times

With the Republican presidential debate heating up, frontrunners Mitt Romney, Herman Cain and Rick Perry are being scrutinized more than ever before, and Mitt Romney’s health care plan in Massachusetts has been widely criticized, with the LA Times printing a story Oct. 24 detailing how the plan would help illegal immigrants providing them affordable health insurance.

Illegal immigration is a big issue in the Republican Party. In the story out today, the LA Times said then-governor Romney signed the law into effect in Massachusetts in 2006. It provides for the health care of illegal immigrants if they don’t have insurance. Per

House Considers Bill to Scale Back Health Care Reform Medicaid Expansion

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House representatives are set to vote on a bill that will scale back theMedicaid expansion set forth in the health care reform law. Experts say scaling back the bill could prevent as many as 1 million middle-income Americans from qualifying forMedicaid coverage.

HIV/AIDS Doctors Raise Concerns over Medicaid Expansion

A new journal paper released at the 49th Annual Meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America revealed that AIDS doctors and researchers are worried that the current successful model of care for AIDS may be threatened by fiscal pressures along with changes that have been brought forth by thehealth care reform overhaul.

Concerns have been raised that the progress reached in disease treatment in the United States could be threatened with the expansion as it would require public health funding be spread thinner than it already is.

Currently, only half of all patients have access to needed treatment. By

A Brief History of Insurance: Part 8 Lloyds and World Insurance

In the previous article in this series we learnt about the humble beginnings of Lloyds as a relatively small coffee shop on Tower street. Whether it was an incredible piece of foresight or simple luck Lloyd developed a very specific clientèle of sailors, ship owners and merchants for boat insurance and marine cargo insurance risks.

Lloyds wasnt the only coffee shop to do insurance business but it set the standards. In 1748 nearly one hundred houses including the famous coffef houses of Jonathans, Garraways and others were destroyed by a fire that ravaged Cornhill and in which scores of people perished and damage to the exent of £200,000 (nearly 200million in todays money) was caused. T

Heffernan Insurance Brokers VP Speaks at California Women’s Network Meeting

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Julie Davis, VP of Heffernan Insurance Brokers, provided a keynote speech at Stanford University during the quarterly California Women’s Network meeting in July 2011, according to a release.

She spoke about the growing area of Collaborative Consumption. Latitude and Shareable Magazine released findings of “The New Sharing Economy Study,” which uncovered new opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and established companies in the growing area of “shared services.”

The study points to top opportunities for new sharing services. They include firms that have an operating model that share physical spaces, tangible assets and property, intellectual property, household goods, online communities and network and more. It is pre

Wild weather makes this the costliest year on record

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, insurance companies are adding up the costs of what has been the most expensive year for natural disasters in the history of the world.

“It’s becoming more and more clear to everybody that we’re seeing crazier weather than we have in the past. The one-in-100-year storms are occurring seemingly once every year,” said Leonard Sharman, spokesman for The Co-operators, one Canada’s top insurers.

“Since the 1970s, the cost of natural disasters has gone up 20 times.”

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, that hasn’t translated into higher premiums for consumers. Data collected

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Motoring is an expensive business – and getting more so, it seems. Car insurance costs are going up, particularly for young drivers, and petrol prices remain near record highs. Just days ago, Tesco said shoppers had less to spend in its stores because they had to fill up their tanks.

To help you keep motoring costs to a minimum, we have assembled a panel of experts to answer some of your questions. W

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